ASHRAE- 90.1, App G- Fan cycling

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Hi All,
I'm working on a LEED energy model.
ASHRAE 90.1, App G, Table G3.1.4 - HVAC Fan Schedules, calls for all?systems serving conditioned spaces to run continuously during occupied hours, but cycled during unoccupied hours.

I seem to recall reading some where (an addendum or LEED document???) that systems for facilities such as laboratories?and hospitals?that need to run continuously in real life could be simulated as running continuously during occupied and unoccupied hours.? However, I can't find/remember where I may have read this.??If anyone knows if such a document exists, could you please refresh my memory as to where I can find it.?


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The change that you are referring to was made by addendum to the 2004
version, and is now in the 2007 Version of Appendix G.

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