Announcing an Atom Package for EnergyPlus

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Big Ladder Software is pleased to announce that we have developed a package
for the *Atom* text editor! For those who don't know,
*Atom* is a free and hackable text editor from GitHub. It is hackable
because anyone can develop a package in order to highlight, manipulate and
perform various other tasks for a given file type while working in *Atom*.
This package was developed to improve workflow processes for working in
*EnergyPlus* and *Modelkit*

Features include:

- Syntax highlighting for *EnergyPlus* object classes, numeric input
fields, text input fields, and comments
- Auto-complete *EnergyPlus* objects with input fields filled with
default values
- Auto-complete *Modelkit* code blocks
- Toggle comments for multiple lines of text
- Link to web documentation
for *EnergyPlus* objects

For download instructions and other details, check out our project page
. This is an
open-source project, so if you would like to contribute to development
efforts visit the source code
hosted on GitHub.

Aaron Boranian
808 895-1741
Big Ladder Software LLC
1624 Market Street, Suite 304
Denver, CO 80202

Aaron Boranian
808 895-1741

Big Ladder Software
2549 Irving Street
Denver, CO 80211

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