90.1 Low-Rise Reidential Buildings Definition

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I'm looking to clarify the applicability of 90.1 to some low-rise projects.
90.1 is not applicable to low-rise residential projects. The standard has
the following definitions:

*low-rise residential:* single-family houses, multi-family structures of
three stories or fewer above grade, manufactured houses (mobile homes), and
manufactured houses (modular).

*residential:* spaces in buildings used primarily for living and sleeping.
Residential spaces include, but are not limited to, dwelling units,
hotel/motel guest rooms, dormitories, nursing homes, patient rooms in
hospitals, lodging houses, fraternity/ sorority houses, hostels, prisons,
and fire stations.

My question relates to dormitories and hotels that are less than four
stories. It seems that they are not classified as "low-rise residential"
and 90.1 would still apply, even if they are only a singe story. Is this
consistent with your understanding of the standard?


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Yes my understanding is that dormitories and hotels use 90.1. If you look at
90.2-2004 you will see that that standard defines multi-family building as
containing living units. Each living unit must contain provisions for living,
sleeping, cooking and sanitation, which are not available in most dorms or hotel

I have submitted dorms less than 3 stories to LEED modeled to 90.1-2004 Appendix
G and the model was accepted.

You can view 90.2-2004 by using Realread. Just google realread 90.2-2004 and
you should find the link. You need to have Java installed. You can read the
full standard but cannot print it.

Paul Diglio, CEM, CBCP

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