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5 Energy Metrics Every Architect should know

Author: Sandeep Ahuja
Posted on: May 31, 2019

5 Building Performance Metrics Every Architect should know. 

Author: Sandeep Ahuja and Marco Aguirre

Buillding performance metrics architects

1.EUI (kBtu/ft2/yr)

EUI is an abbreviation for Energy Use Intensity, EUI is expressed as the energy per square foot per year (kBtu/ft2/yr). By calculating the EUI, architects can better predict the project’s cost, which is directly linked to a building's energy consumption and expenditure. With Cove.tool, architects and engineers can calculate ballpark results in minutes, helping teams understand big picture components without wasting time to prep models and set up engineering inputs.

2.Carbon Emissions (Ton/CO2e/yr)