Energy Audit Modeling - Lesson 2 Goals of Model

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Welcome to Lesson 2 of the course “energy audit modeling”. In lesson 1 we learned about the entire energy audit process, and now the rest of the lessons will focus on energy modeling in regards to energy auditing. Lesson 2 is about the overall purpose and goals of the energy model when used for this specific application, and how the simulation for an energy audit is different when compared with an energy model used for new building design or LEED certification.

This lesson will again address the advantages of using a computer simulation in energy auditing, and some of the different situations in which it is most important.
We will also discuss the goals of the energy model for our application, and how these objectives change the way we go about the modeling process, from the project setup to the analysis and comparison phase.

In lesson 1 we discussed the purpose of an Energy Audit. The purpose of our energy model is an extension of the overall goal of providing accurate information. Important Decisions will be made based on the results of our energy simulation. Investments in new equipment may be made or changes to maintenance procedures may be implemented.