5 - Chiller Plant Alternatives

Script Preview

There we have it; if you just look at this project navigator, there’s five buttons here. The only two buttons that you really have to use are “create plants” and “define economics.” Actually, we’re prompted with “define economics,” so we’re really left with “create plants” as the only button here that we should have to go back to multiple times. That’s the button that will really refine much of this. We can refine the economic definitions, but that’s something that we probably only do once.

We can give this a name, so you can click the button or you can double-click anywhere here. I’m just gonna double-click. I right-click on “Alternative 1” and I’m just going to copy alternative. Everything copied over. We could have started blank and it would have run us through the process again, I’ll show you. If you right-click Alternative 1, “New Alternative,” it will run us through this wizard again. Ironically, in the first screen, we can select anything here, and we can go back and completely change this. All this screen will do is set up the “create plants” option for the alternative.

Notice, when we created the new alternative, it skipped the part where we select the building details, because Chiller Plant Analyzer will use the same load profile for all the alternatives. It has no other choice. That’s just the way the program works. Some of these other buttons you can go ahead and change, but I would not recommend changing them. There’s really not much point to overriding the building or overriding the tonnage when we entered the tonnage in the beginning anyway. 

Now we have three alternatives, one of which is junk, so I’ll just right-click Alternative 3, and I’m going to delete this. We have our plants, and everything right now is identical. The only thing that we want to change is our cooling equipment in Alternative 2. What we’ll do is click the cooling capacity, and make that 600 tons. Then we’ll copy this equipment, and we have our second water-cooled chiller, Water Cooled Chiller 002. We can give these names, if we would like, which I do recommend. Give them the chiller name. It looks nice and it will help organizing later. In fact, it’s one of the most important things that doesn’t have any mathematical consequences. It’s just giving things good names. In fact, giving the plant a good name is a good idea as well. 

Now, if we look at this, we’ll see that we have our two chillers, and our broiler. Simple as that. So, we have one chiller, and we have two chillers.