5 - Check the Baseline Systems

Script Preview

The last item that we're going to review for the LEED baseline building outputs is the AirSide HVAC. As we pointed out earlier, the baseline system 5 was assigned to this building and each floor received its own system as is supposed to happen. But if we look at 90.1 in table G311, a building that is between 25,000 and 150,000 square feet with the other type heating possible fossil fuels is system 5 which is packaged VAV with reheat.

Here we can see this is a power induction unit. However, it's a power induction unit that appears to be set up so that it operates effectively as a VAV system. So there would be some sense in possibly just running it that way, but we can look at a few things and we can use the system itself to recreate a better baseline system later on. One of the ways we can do that is by taking some of the information that comes from the model.

A VAV fan in 90.1 baseline is required to operate based on this equation. If we toggle to our other screen here, the variable fan equation looks like this and the equation stays the same in 90.1 2010 and onward as far as I know.

So we can take this item and we can actually use this item that's built from the baseline automation and we could take that and export that into future models. If we scroll down here, the 90.1 VAV fan PLR, we can look at the points there and we could just recreate this fan from this screenshot somewhere else. Or what we can do and you can do this for various components from a 90.1

file and this is pretty neat. We actually want to just open the file up in a notepad editor. If we look into our eQuest folder in project 28, we can see we have a whole number of files. But what we're looking for is the.imp

file. We can just click this and edit with notepad plus plus and I am going to search control F VAV. In my notepad, it was off screen for a moment. My notepad immediately found the 90.1

fan PLR curve. So what I can do is copy this, ensure that you copy the last two dots here, paste this and now I can actually save this as a curve to import into any model in the future. 91 fan curve and then I actually want to make this.imp so that eQuest recognizes it and I can save that.

And now I have this fan curve for future models and I grabbed that automatically from the baseline building that had generated that. Therefore, in future models, when we create an actual 90.1 baseline VAV system, we can import that curve. I'm going to do that to import any portion of a file that you had copied from import file.

And right here I can import the 90.1 fan curve. I'm not going to import that because I already have it in my file. So I'll hit cancel, but that's how you import that.

The rest of the system, we've looked at some of the details and it more or less looks correct. But there's a different way that you can model the systems that we'll talk about in the future as we move on to cover the various 90.1 baseline systems in eQuest. So that's all for this baseline building setup.