1 - Generate a 90.1 Baseline Building

Script Preview

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to create a baseline 90.1 building from an eQUEST file. First thing, we're going to open eQUEST. In order to do this correctly, we have to use the DOE2 version, DOE 2.2.

We'll show you how to switch that at the end of this video. Right now, we are going to create a new project via the wizard. We could use the schematic design wizard, but most of us, at least in our audience, use the design development wizard. Either is okay.

The options are the same. We're going to leave this project 29. We'll leave it in office building because they're pretty common. The main steps here are pretty simple.

We're going to select code analysis as LEED and see appendix G. We only have one option for the version. And the jurisdiction is ASHRAE 90.1. Let's select a different location outside of California, because California is treated slightly different in eQUEST.

Go to Illinois, Chicago. It's a good habit to select these utility rates as custom, but this isn't required for this portion, just a good habit. These are the only inputs that we need to enable the 90.1 baseline generation.

So we would proceed through this building as normal. This would be our proposed building, the building that we are creating from design documents. Since the building inputs are not that relevant to this process, we're going to skip through that. We have a shell and we have a system.

From the shell for simplicity, we're going to change this number to 50,000 square feet. Because that is a size that is in system five for ASHRAE 90.1 2007. The rule set that eQUEST uses, as I stated just now is ASHRAE 90.1

2007. But standards moving forward, use the basic functionality since ASHRAE 90.1 2007. That's all we need to set right here.

And we will return to the navigator. We'll pretend that our proposed building is complete here. Finish this. One thing we would probably do here is finish our proposed building in detailed data edit.

Just moving through the modules. We can look at this new field here that's compliance data under the project and site module. We can see that these are specific to 90.1 and lead inputs, the building type, number of floors, and the heating source.