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Hello All,

I've been searching constantly on google through the old responses for
Zoning spaces, before i got to the 6th keyword I called it quits and decided
to personally ask the eQuest community for your knowledge.

I'm working on a building using thats 200,000 sq-ft heat pumps
What do you guys generally do with mechanical, electrical, vestibule spaces?

What I intended on doing with the mechanical spaces is to model them as
OR simplify the model more by grouping them in with the larger spaces
BUT there's a fair amount of them for the heat pumps.

Let me know what you're opinion is?

Tai Lieu

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I generally model mechanical/electrical spaces separately from
conditioned spaces, but I combine mechanical and electrical spaces into
one zone when they are adjacent to each other. I usually model
vestibules as separate zones, since they tend to have their own cabinet
unit heaters to handle the infiltration and envelope loads. I often
combine interior zones with little or no load (such as storage rooms)
with adjacent zones. I combine janitor closets with adjacent corridors
if that is where they pull their outside air from. Sometimes I do that
with bathrooms as well but then the space-by-space lighting density
(from Table 9.6.1, ASHRAE 90.1) gets trickier.



William Bishop, PE, BEMP, LEED(r) AP

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