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Hi Everyone,

I am having issues with zoning for a LEED energy model. I am working on
a 15 story apartment building where all the residential spaces are
conditioned primarily by PTACs with hot water coils. The problem comes
in with the addition of supplementary unit heaters with separate
thermostats in all the bathrooms and kitchens along the building

Now how can I account for the zoning and heating and cooling for the
space to most accurately reflect these conditions. The bathroom is a
separate room with a door so making a separate zone for it is
reasonable, but the kitchen is part of the living room that is being
conditioned with a PTAC. If I do separately zone all the kitchen and
bathrooms I will have to add cooling to the spaces and this will have to
match the ASHRASE 90.1 APP G baseline in accordance with LEED. However,
the PTACs are sized to meet loads for the entire space, the living room,
kitchen and bathroom, so in theory I might not need to include the unit
heaters at all. If I do not separate out any of the zones and add the
unit heaters, as baseboard heating, this will not accurately reflect
energy usage since baseboard heating is used before system heating.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this kind of issue?

Richard Auffermann

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