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I am using eQUEST version 3.63b with Windows 7 operating system. Generally the program has run smoothly except lately I've experienced the following:

1. After using the Design Development Wizard to set up and run a project, when I select "Building Creation Wizard" to go back to the Wizard, the program generates an error stating "Error evaluating WizardInput rulelist". The project file is located on my computer's C drive, under "eQUEST 3-63 Projects" folder. The Wizard rulelist does not seem to copy over to each project, or the program does not seem to remember that it needs to look under the "eQUEST 3-63 Data/Wizard" folder where I believe the correct Rulelist file is located. The only solution I've found is to close the program and re-install eQUEST, then to open the project file. I'm missing something here...what am I doing wrong?

2. The display driver appears to be causing some errors. At first I was just experiencing problems such as not being able to view the model in 3-D. Lately the program has been generating an error or crashing after selecting "Finish" in the Design Development Wizard. This usually happens after creating more than 1 floor on a larger building. The error message reads "The NVIDIA OpenGL Driver encountered an unrecoverable error and must close this application. Error 13." The error is generated whether I import CAD geometry or use simple default geometry. Any help would be appreciated.

Are other users experiencing similar errors with Windows 7 or is this not a Windows 7 compatibility problem?

Thanks for your help!

Heath Baxa

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I have not suffered from either problem. I am running Windows 7 Pro

Caleb B.

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