which reports to use for annual utility cost comparison?

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I am trying to find the report that gives me the total annual utility cost
for my desiign with all the parametric runs (improvements) included.
I have rotated the azimuth on the baseline & get 4 nice annual costs on the
"Annual Utility Bills by Rate" Comparison Report. I can average these.
I am trying to get the same metric for my design - who's improvements are
built up of 8 parametric runs. The "Annual Utility Bills by Rate" lists each
run separately - I need the annual cost based on a cummulative look at all
the improvements.

Mike Diess, PE, LEED AP

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The eQuest Training Workbook contains the attached summary of reports.
You can look to see if it has what you need.

Caleb B.

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When you do parametric runs in eQuest a .csv file is generated that
includes the end-use energy consumption and energy cost data for each
parametric run. This data is taken from various DOE22 reports (i.e.
PS-E, ES-E, etc). The file is called parms.csv and I am pretty sure the
project name is also included in the name of the parms.csv file. Its a
good file to use for data post-processing.


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