Weather Data Modification Problems

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Hi All,

I am having difficulty with some modified weather data. I've taken the
".bin" weather file, converted it to a text file (with the DOE2 weather
utilities programs), made some dry bulb temperature modifications,
converted it back to a ".bin" file (with the same utilities programs).
Everything seems to check out...there are no known problems with the
conversion, and the original and modified ".bin" files are the same size
(146 kb). I have dropped the new weather file into the eQUEST weather
folder and changed the reference in my eQUEST file (Project Data, File
References, Weather File) to the newly created weather file. When I
attempt to perform a simulation, the program stops (freezes) before
getting thru any of the simulation.

Any help/ideas are appreciated.


Timothy D. Meeker, PE, LEED

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