Water Source Heat Pump Configuration in eQUEST Software

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Hello Guys,
I am modeling a water source heat pump system as shown in the schematic diagram below in eQUEST software. I was able to model the system as shown in the screenshot below (primary loop for the boiler and secondary loop for the WLHP water loop) and I can run the simulation and get the results, however, I have the following concerns:

- The air side system is connected to both the primary boiler loop and the secondary WLHP water loop. Is that correct? Also, in the component tree, the air side systems are not list in their folder under WLHP water loop.
- The WLHP Fluid Cooler (i.e. the cooling tower) is connected to the boiler primary loop and not the WLHP water loop. If I assign WLHP water loop to the fluid cooler instead of the boiler primary loop as shown in the last screenshot of this email, I can't run the simulation and there is no error message at all to tell me what is the problem.
I am attaching the .pd2 and .inp files if any one of you can help in this. Thanking you in advance.

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The 2nd image woll not simulate because DOE-2 does not allow primary equipment on a secondary loop.? You should find that error in the .bdl file.

You do not require 2 circulation loops to model the configuration you have sketched.? On the single WLHP loop, the boiler pump will be a child of the boiler, the fluid cooler pump will be a child of the cooling tower and the building pumps will be a child of the condenser loop.

Hopefully this is clear.


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