VRF performance curve

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Dear All,
I worked on a couple of projects in equest? using the VRF performance curves from Daikin and LG. The methodology i followed is as below:
1) Modelled packaged VAV with minimum flow ratio 1.
2) Created systems based on number of ODU's and assigned multiple zones to the respective ODU. (Just like modelling a AHU)
3) Inputted the ODU Cooling capacity and supply flow4) Fans will be constant volume.5) Since it is a cooling only system, i assigned only the "Cool EIR - fEWB-OAT", "Cool-EIR-fPLR" and "Cool cap-fEWB&OAT" curves. Rest were all default DX unit curves.
?PVAV system is used as PSZ system cannot handle multiple zones well thus causing unmet hours.
I did 2 trials, one with default DX curves and the other with performance curves from LG and Daikin. The results showed a decrease in cooling energy consumption by more than 30% thus impacting the overall energy consumption by more than 10%.

Is the simulation methodology and results appropriate? I feel the savings is on a higher side.
Please advise.


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