VAV Chilled beams in HAP

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Hello Everyone,

I trying to model chilled beams with VAV supply boxes in HAP, which till now
seems to be very difficult. HAP does not allow you to change your airlfows
from occupied to unoccupied modes. There are different 8ACHR/4ACHR
requirements for occ/unocc periods which I am not able to meet. As HAP
always calculates air flow based on the space loads; in occupied time, the
loads which are way less than 8 ACH, I have to force some additional air in
the spaces, but then I get the same air flow in unoccupied time also even if
the loads are scheduled to go off.

If anyone has tried doing this before in CARRIER HAP, please let me know.

Would really appreciate your help.


Thanks and Best Regards,


Varun Kulkarni , M.S. , EIT

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