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Ashrae 90.1 isn't a guideline? Its a set of massively prescriptive and defined rules for assessing buildings against benchmark buildings.

We have a similar document to some extent in the UK. The national calculation methodology document that accompanies the iSBEM energy calculation tool available from the BRE outlines how to model in accordance with UK regulations or at least it does to some extent.

Ok whilst writing this I've altered my opinions and so both are probably worth adding to list as they do have some useful information on how to define zones, etc rather than just being code style documents.

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Here's a few more:

1. In a way the sample files that come with DOE-2.1e are showing you examples of buildings that LBNL assembled to go with DOE-2. You can view these with DrawBDL. However, there is only limited text that explains he intent of the file, and now guideline so to speak about modeling a building, in general.

In a similar fashion, EQUEST comes with input files that you can view as well that pretty much cover the full range of building types.

Finally, the DOE EnergyPlus standard 17 building type files (that came originally from Joe Huang I'm told) are also examples of how to model different building types.

There are also the books by Joe Clarke, Godfried Augenbroe, Jan Hensen/Roberto Lambert on simulation that provide varying advice on simulation.

Also, TRNSYS has lots of files in their library that show how to model different things (mostly systems), that are useful as well.

Problem is with any guide, anywhere is that, at some point, is has to be specific to a particular simulation program, or else it becomes so general that it loses it meaning.

If you want something that is really interesting, look at the 1958 ASHRAE paper by Buchberg that talks about modeling a one room hut using an analog electrical circuit...this was the start of it all.

Jeff S. Haberl, Ph.D.,P.E., FASHRAE

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1) Is it correct to say that any problem discussed on this list can be
answered by referring to some of sources that were just mentioned?

2) More general.. Can you give an estimate on how many professionals in BEM
community (ten, hundred, thousand) are, let's say, 100% educated,
'self-sufficient', capable of demonstrating the ultimate level of knowledge?

3) More specifically.. From your experience, what is an average percentage
of graduates from your school who becomes an expert in BEM?

4) More on this... How many BEM schools are there in US? Can you name them?

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Here goes...


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It appears that EQuest will not import EnergyPro .bld files. Am I
correct? Is there any way to import an EnergyPro .bld file into EQuest?

It seems not, but if anybody will know, somebody on this list will know,
so I'm asking.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Robert Wichert P.Eng. LEED AP

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