[Urgent Help needed] Chilled Water Supply Temperature Reset with using OA reset control and Space Load

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Dear E-Quest expert,

I sent you one day ago regarding the chilled water supply temperature with
using OA rest control. However, I think I need to more specify my
questions. I have three questions in large.

1. When I used OA reset control options for chilled water supply
temperature (eQeust default control option), I do not think saving is not
much, say less than 1% (in comparison of not using the control). I am not
quite sure if it is true though when chilled water supply temperature reset
is claimed to have more saving (2% per 1F increase) according to
researches. Therefore, I would like to confirm this result is correct or not

2. I am wondering if among you any person who did model of chilled
supply temperature reset according to space load, I am quite not sure of
how to configure this with eQuest. Details as much as possible would be
greatly helpful

3. I am wondering if you did model the chiller energy saving by using
chilled water supply temperature reset with using combined control of OA
and space load both. Certainly it will save some more energy comparing only
one control option considered. However, I am clueless of how to model this
with e-Quest

Your expertise would be greatly helpful. Thanks so much in advance

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