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Hi All,

When I run my simulation and then go to File, Export Hourly Results is
grayed out. The Output Option on the hourly reports is set to Print and
there is an On/Off Schedule set up. I have tried running the simulation
with all of the daily values for this schedule set at 1 and 0 and get
the same result both ways. My computer is on a network and is setup so
that the IT guy and myself are administrators I think. I saw the issue
with Vista and tried searching the C: drive for the output, but didn't
find anything. Maybe it is in a hidden file? Any ideas why I can not
click on the hourly reports and what I might do to remedy this


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If you did not specify "Hourly Schedules" and you have not moved to "Detailed Data Edit" then you will not be able to export hourly results.

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I have an error that says:

In S1 Sys (VAVS), Cooling coil leaving temperature must be at least 6F higher than entering water temp.

I have 44" entering CHW with a 12 degree delta T. Cold Air for the system is set to 54F. I thought with a chiller with a 12 degree delta T there shouldn't be the above error.
Any ideas?


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My bet is that you have a pretty high dT across the fan (operating at > 5") causing your actually leaving air temperature off the cooling coil
to be less than 50F. I am pretty sure (although it has been a while)
that you can avoid this error and still maintain the same conditions if
you implement a reset schedule on your air temperature (even if you
don't actually reset it), rather than using the cool-min-temp only.


Jonathan M. Curtin, EIT, LEED(r) AP

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