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Trying to understand how this PARABOLIC collector works (Type 1288:*Solar
Library (TESS)\Concentrating Collectors\Parabolic Trough
Collectrors\EN12975 Dynamic Efficiency Approach\Type 1288_Concentrator),
double clicking on the model in the "External Files" label *
*I saw smth about Linear Fresnel (**.\Tess
Models\SampleCatalogData\Bi-Axial IAMs\Typical_LinearFresnel_IAM_2d.dat)!!!
SEE THE ATTACHED JPEG. I thought that this module represents a linear
parabolic collector, which is a different type!! *

*Do I have to worry about it?*

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Re Type1288.

Type 1288 can model a variety of collector types and you should choose an incidence angle modifier file that represents your technology. Even better, find the IAM characteristics of the actual collector that you'll be using and create your custom IAM file.

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