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Dear TRNSYS Users

I want to design a solar energy storage with phase change materials ( PCM )
with TRNSYS and I can`t find the type of these storage tanks.
Could you help me where is these types ?
And which types should I use?

Best regards

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Hello Moein,

For solar I guess you would be looking into vertical hot water storage
tanks. If so, I have heard of two models whihc might be of interest to you.

There is Type840 which can simulate a vertical tank filled with PCM
capsules of different shapes as well as a tank filled with PCM slurry
and a submerged heat exchanger. There is also Type842 which models a
bulk PCM tank with an immersed water-to-air heat exchanger which was
developed by Andreas Heinz at the Institute of Thermal Engineering in
Graz University of Technology.

Both these models were developed as part of IEA Solar Heating and
Cooling program task 32 but I have not yet used either of them. Enclosed
you will find Report C5 of Subtask C which explains each model in
detail. This document should also provide you with the names and contact
information from each model's authors if you wish to get access to these
models. I also recommend these papers:

Bony, J., & Citherlet, S. (2007b). Numerical model and experimental
validation of heat storage with phase change materials. Energy and
Buildings, 39(10), 1065-1072. doi: 10.1016/j.enbuild.2006.10.017

Bony, J., & Citherlet, S. (2007a, Sept 03-06, 2007). Comparison between
a new TRNSYS model and experimental data of phase change in a solar
combisystem. Paper presented at the 10th Conference of the International
Building Performance Simulation Association Beijing, China.

I have myself produced a TRNSYS model for a PCM storage tank but it is
for a horizontal storage tank with rectangular PCM capsules and might
not be what you are looking for. So far, I have published only a
conference paper on the first version of my model (see the reference
below) but I have a paper under review which details the improved
version of the model and its experimental validation.

D'Avignon, K., & Kummert, M. (2012). Proposed TRNSYS model for storage
tank with encapsulated phase change materials. Paper presented at the
5th National Conference of IBPSA-USA, Madison, Wisconsin.

If you are interested in a horizontal configuration, please let me know
and I will get you a copy of my paper and model.

Good luck!

Katherine D'Avignon

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