TRAINING: eQUEST Energy Modeling for New Construction using ASHRAE 90.1 2016

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Dear all,

Karpman Consulting is offering a free on-demand eQUEST energy modeling

This on-demand training develops the technical skills necessary for
modeling commercial and multifamily buildings in eQUEST following
requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2016 Appendix G, as used in NYS ECCC
2020, ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction Program, Enterprise Green
Communities, LEED BD+C/ID+C v4 Pilot Credit EApc111, LEED BD+C/ID+C v4.1,
and various other programs for high performance buildings. After a brief
introduction to Appendix G and an overview of the key features of eQUEST,
participants will work on a case study involving a mixed-use multifamily
building. We will start by importing CAD drawings into a simulation file,
and then cover the various input and reporting requirements of Appendix G
as applied to the case study relying on eQUEST?s Wizard Mode as a
convenient method of data entry. Methods to convert available project data
into eQUEST-friendly inputs will also be demonstrated. The course will
continue with an introduction to eQUEST?s Detailed Mode. We will then fine
tune the model using the detailed interface and take advantage of the
parametric runs functionality to complete the Appendix G baseline and
proposed models. Additional topics will include model quality assurance and
troubleshooting, strategies to increase modeling productivity, and
documenting results following LEED/ENERGY STAR MFNC program requirements.

The training includes approximately fourteen hours of video content,
hands-on exercises that involve modeling a mixed-use building from start to
finish in eQUEST, quizzes, and a final assessment. Attendees should budget
approximately seventeen hours to complete the course.

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