Title 24 compliance run for existing building

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I am working on an eQuest Title 24 compliance run for an existing building that is being majorly renovated. I am doing a Savings By Design calculation (or similar program for existing buildings, not sure yet what PG&E program that would be) for a building where some windows are new, some are existing, some mechanical equipment is new, some is existing. Is it possible in eQuest to specify by component what is new and what is existing? In the 'Compliance Analysis Data' window, you have to specify a Construction Phase: New Building, Addition, Alteration, or Existing + Addition. Are there different inputs depending upon which option is selected, or are any of the calculations done differently depending upon what is selected? I was hoping, for example, that if I selected 'Alteration' then I would be able to check a box next to each component to state whether it is existing or new. This is not the case, but I am wondering if there is a comparable option.

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