[Survey] Towards Architects Friendly Simulation Tools

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Dear eQuest Users,

Actually, as part of my PhD research I am conducting a research about Architects Friendly Building
Energy Simulation Tools (BESTs), so that we can improve the future
development of simulation tools. Therefore the survey is dedicated to
gather information from beginner simulation tools users.

First of all, I am asking you please to take the survey and secondly, to
spread this survey to any to other simulation tools users who meet the
criteria mentioned below:

1-Architects or 2-Designers or 3-Graduate students or 4-Beginner Users who
use simulation tools to create sustainable architecture in the USA

The survey has 22 questions and the duration is 10-15 minutes. The
compared tools are:

ECOTECT, HEED, Energy 10, Design Builder, eQUEST, DOE-2, Green Design
Studio, IES VE, Energy Plus and Energy Plus-Sketchup Plugin.

You can access the survey via:


and if if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Shady Attia

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