Survey regarding types of HVAC systems used?

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Hi all,

I have a query regarding the percentage breakdown of types of HVAC systems
used in office buildings. i.e. What percentage of buildings use VAV, dual
duct, radiant systems, NV, etc.

As of yet I have been unable to find any study regarding this, but I'm
hoping that at least one has been done. Up to date statistics for the US or
Europe would be preferred, but if you know of any information (even if it is
outdated), that would be a big help. Likewise, if you know of studies that
are for other types of buildings - labs, schools, hospitals etc. - please
let me know.



Paul Raftery

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Poke around CBECS, that info might be in there. I know they have heating
and cooling energy source numbers, not sure if delivery devices are in
there somewhere or not. Might need to do some of your own data analysis
to pull out office spaces.

J. Cramer Silkworth

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It depends at how specific you want to get in your HVAC
categorizations. The CBECS data base queries all the buildings in
their data base of ~ 6000 commercial buildings ( ~500 office buildings)
about their main heating and cooling equipment types,
e.g., heat pump, furnace, space heat, district heat, boiler, etc. for
heating, packaged AC, heat pump, central AC, district cooling,
central chiller, evap cooling, etc., for cooling. Somewhere it's also
possible to get the percentages with economizers and VAV systems.

I did a report on this called "Analysis of 1999 CBECS Data by Commercial
Building Type", Y.J. Huang, J.A. Roberson, and O. Sezgen, 2005. It's
a LBNL report (LBNL-57457)!, but I'm not sure if I ever finalized the
paperwork on it. If you have trouble getting a hold of it, let me know
and I'll see if I can dig up an electronic copy or, barring that, scan
in the hard copy that's on my bookshelf.

Joe Huang

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If you look at the the actual survey data files on the CBECS site, it
will list the HVAC type, chiller type etc. and also gives what
percentage of the stock a particular survey data point represents.


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Hello Paul

There is some information available in a presentation on the California CEUS Study done by Martha Brook of the CEC.

You can find that here:

But beware! It is a huge presentation (13Mb!) so you should save it instead of trying to open it : )

Bob Ram?rez, P.E.

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Here are a few other sources for some HVAC statistics.

Report: Baseline Characteristics of the 2002-2004
Nonresidential Sector: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and
Washington (08-196)

ADL, 2001, ?Energy Consumption Characteristics of Commercial
Building HVAC Systems Volume I: Chillers, Refrigerant
Compressors, and Heating Systems?,

ADL, 1999, ?Energy Consumption Characteristics of Commercial
Building HVAC Systems ? Volume II: Thermal Distribution,
Auxiliary Equipment, and Ventilation?

Hope this helps


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Thank you everyone for all your help!

I'm pretty sure that I have what I need from those reports. Your help is
greatly appreciated!


Paul Raftery

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