Study of VAV Reheat in Humid Climates

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Does anyone know of a study that sub-metered the reheat (electric or Hot
Water) within VAV Boxes for building in a hot, humid climate?

I'm specifically interested in a high occupancy building such as a

Ian Doebber

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I think you'll find the following paper useful. Although it does not contain submetered data on VAV boxes, it does contain measured data on 40 buildings that includes

heating water, chilled water, electricity for motor control centers, and electricity for lights and receptacles. Descriptions of the building systems can be found in the

referenced LoanSTAR reports.


Haberl, J., Thamilseran, S., Reddy, T., Claridge, D., O'Neal, D., Turner, D. 1998. "Baseline Calculations for Measuring and Verification of Energy and Demand

Savings in a Revolving Loan Program in Texas," ASHRAE Transactions-Research, Vol. 104, Pt. 2, pp. 841 - 858 (June).

Jeff S. Haberl, Ph.D., P.E

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