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ASHRAE recently authorized formation of SPC 229: Protocol for Evaluating Ruleset Implementation in Building Performance Modeling Software. The TPS of the standard has been provided below along with a summary of the intent of the proposed standard.

*Application for membership to this committee is now open and individuals interested in being voting members or non-voting members can apply out here.*

Membership applications will be reviewed and approved at the ASHRAE winter meeting in Orlando.
An informal meeting will also be held in Orlando, date and time for this meeting will be announced soon.

The standard would apply to software tools that implement rulesets (like Standard 90.1 Appendix G) and can automatically generate the baseline building energy model based on the user's building energy model. This transformation process is complex and largely dependent on interpretation of code requirements. ASHRAE Standard 140 tests some of the physics involved in building energy modeling but does not include any standard method for testing the implementation of the rulesets that are so fundamental to the compliance process. The intent of this standard is to provide definitions, tests, conformance conditions, reporting, data schema and other requirements for testing and verifying building energy modeling software that performs compliance analysis.

TPS: (Available over here)

SPC 229P - Proposed Standard Authorized November 15, 2019

Title: Protocols for Evaluating Ruleset Implementation in Building Performance Modeling Software

1. PURPOSE: This standard establishes tests and acceptance criteria for implementation of rulesets (e.g., modeling rules) and related reporting in building performance modeling software.
2.1 This standard applies to building performance modeling software that implements rulesets.
2.2 This standard applies to rulesets associated with new or existing buildings and their systems, system controls, their sites, and other aspects of buildings described by the ruleset implementation being evaluated.

Meetings so far:
A small group, including members of TC 4.7 (Energy Calculations), TC 7.6 (Building Energy Performance) and SSPC 140 (Standard Method of Test for the Evaluation of Building Energy Analysis Computer Programs) met several times earlier this year to define the TPS. TC 4.7 voted to approve the TPS at the ASHRAE Summer meeting in Kansas City and TC 7.6 also voted to show their support for the development of this standard.

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