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I have a multizone system that is doing simultaneous heating and cooling year
round. I have two questions pertaining to this problem.

1) Any suggestions on how to prevent the simultaneous heating and cooling?

2) One thing I would like to try is to schedule the heating to only be
available above a 65 degree F outside air temp and the cooling only available
below a 45 degree F outside air temp. Is it possible to do this in equest?

Thank you for your help,

Kyle Nisonger

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In the cooling tab there is an availability schedule that you can make. It is type ON/OFF/TEMP so you just need to create a schedule that reflects the parameters you might want. Below is the DOE2 item help for that particular keyword. Attached is a screen print of the tab. I believe it is the same thing for the heating availability schedule as well.


Takes the U-name of a SCHEDULE of TYPE = ON/OFF/TEMP that specifies when cooling is available from the system. If not entered, the program will assume that cooling is always available when needed. A zero value for this schedule means that cooling is not available except possibly by outside air via the economizer. A non-zero value indicates that cooling is available. The program interprets a value greater than 1.0 to be the outside temperature below which cooling is unavailable. The program assumes the heating coils are off whenever the air-handling fans are off.

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