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I am putting together my baseline model for a LEED project and 2004 ASHRAE 90.1 only gives SEER values for units under 65,000 BTU. In order to model this correctly on eQuest I need both EIR and fan power. Does anyone know how to get this info from the SEER rating?


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Google, or search the archives, for converting SEER to EER and you will
find info related to this. Is in the BLDG-SIM archives and came right up
using Google.

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I looked this up just recently...this is what I found from an old post:


The CEC method is required for compliance purposes, but many use simpler
methods such as converting the SEER to EER by using a multiplier (0.85 to
0.95 are often used) and then converting the EER (95/67) to EIR using a
straight unit conversion. RESNET which is the body that I've worked with on
software verification methods for nationwide HERS ratings for houses uses
the following equation:

Cooling EIR = 0.941 * (1/(SEER/3.413))

This was developed as a simplification to more complex methods and is based
on a regression analysis of numerous systems. As I'm sure you're aware, the
conversion of SEER to EER is not exact and depends on the means by which the
manufacturer acheived the SEER.

There are then various assumptions about the part load performance of the
units, but that is another topic.

Good luck,

Pat Bailey, P.E.

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