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Hi All,

I have recently tried to create a model of a arbitrary building for a
presentation using the SD wizard to produce a 4 story office building.
However, the rendering shows only the top floor, the first floor and
only 1 middle floor. The top floor is suspended above the first floor
presumably by the floor to floor height value I entered. Does anyone
have any ideas to why this happens.


Janne Kairento, E.I.T., LEED AP

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Yes -

In the first screen of the shell wizard the "Floor Multiplier" check box
is selected. This will create a top floor, a bottom floor and a middle
floor with a multiplier for the number of storeys of the shell less 2
(for the top & bottom). This speeds calculations (especially for
many-storey structures) and looks silly. If you clear the check box,
all floors will be created (which looks better and simulates slower).


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You have the "floor multiplier" checkbox enabled in the Wizard. It
simplifies the analysis by not creating multiples of the middle floors
which are identical to each other. If you want to show the whole
building make sure that box is unchecked. I would not suggest this for
tall buildings as the simulation really tends to slow down.


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