Revit Export and import into Trace? (Charles Blaschke)

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Good morning,

I used Revit to export a 4,500 room hospital gbXML file and then bring it
into Trace 700 for the load calculations.

I have found quite a few good and bad things about it. In my case I was
working with a Revit model that was not perfect, and a BIM team that had no
prior knowledge of gbXML, which was my first issue.

Once getting the model setup in a way to extract the gbXML file and
importing the file I found a lot of things that needed to be changed (as
mentioned below). I never had an issue with room names/numbers coming in,
they were ususally spot on. At first I did have an issue with the units of
area between the two programs, so make sure when you bring in your files
that that areas match (contact me if you cannot get yours to work out).

Once the rooms were in the program I had to usually go in and delete almost
all of the walls that it brought in and re-enter them myself (a lot of work
for 4,500 rooms). Once I cleaned up the file i was time to apply the
templates etc. like usual. Since I was working with a simple Revit model
that did not contain any additional information relevant to MEP (number of
people, ventilation req, etc) I was basically using this method of entering
the room numbers and names, just the long way around. If I had to do this
excersise again I would write a script that could read the room schedule
from excel (exported from Revit) and create the rooms with the areas.


Charles F. Blaschke IV, EIT, LEED AP

11/05/2009 12:06

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I know it's possible, but how practical is it to export a file from
Revit and import it into Trace 700 for calculations? AND, how do you do


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