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Dear all,

First, I want to thank all the 114 members of the bldg-sim mailing list
who responded to the survey.

As promised, here are the results (only the answers from the members of
the mailing list are included):


Best regards,


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Could you explain why the percentages of software used for BPS adds up to more than 100%??
Is that because people are allowed to enter more than one? program that they use?



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You are right, the question was : "What softwares do you use for
Building Performance Simulation? *(Select all that apply)*", that's why
the percentage adds up to more than 100% of responses we got. I think
it's better than letting respondants select only one software since they
generally use more than that.

Also, I signal that the for the question "In your opinion, what
obstacles prevent the widespread use of Optimization in Building
Performance Simulation?": all the lacking answers (to reach 100%) should
be placed at neutral, we did a mishandling and corrupt the data a little
bit, except for bar charts starting from "Lack of trainings that focus
on Optimization" which are accurate and not corrupt.

I should've fixed these issues but I didn't have the time, I prefered
sharing the data to not let respondants who are interested in the
results wait longer.

Best regards,

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