Reminder: September 3, 2014 gbXML Webinar: "Using Green Building XML with Rhino 3D and

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Just a friendly reminder that we are holding our semi-annual gbXML webinar
on September 3, 2014 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST. This webinar will
demonstrate the integration of gbXML with building design tools such as the
Rhinoceros 3D modeling tool, the Rhino plug-in Grasshopper and others.

Presentations and product demos will include the following:

Chien Si Harriman, Terabuild, will demonstrate the latest software
development efforts to improve gbXML access to new workflows such as
Rhino/Grasshopper and similar early stage conceptual tools. He co-wrote
these workflows with the help of engineers from Carmel Software and Thornton
Tomasetti's TTCore group.

Stephen Roth, President of the and Principal of Carmel Software
will also discuss the current status of the gbXML and related activities.

Reserve your webinar seat now at:


Stephen Roth, PE, LEED AP

Carmel Software

sroth at

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