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Posting Guidelines

Please read the guidelines, especially if you want to post
information about a product or an available job or if you
want to post the same message to multiple lists.

Share Your Answers
If you are answering a question posted by someone else,
please consider posting it to the list instead of privately
answering. It is likely that others would be interested in
the same question plus it makes both the question and the
answer available in the archives.

Cross Posting

If your question is specifically about eQUEST, HAP, or
TRACE, IES-VE, please post your question to the
eQUEST-users, HAP-users, TRACE-users or Virtual-Sim mailing
lists first. If you haven't gotten an answer within a day or
so, feel free to post the question to the BLDG-SIM mailing

Other Mailing Lists

To subscribe to the BLDG-SIM, eQUEST-users, HAP-users,
TRACE-users or Virtual-Sim mailing lists, send a blank email to:

bldg-sim-subscribe at
equest-users-subscribe at
hap-users-subscribe at
trace-users-subscribe at
virtual-sim-subscribe at

In addition we have a mailing list for building performance
rating systems:

bldg-rate-subscribe at

You can also subscribe to these lists from the web site. In addition,links to mailing
lists for some ASHRAE committees and USA chapter of IBPSA
are available at the site.


To unsubscribe, send a blank email to the appropriate email
address shown below:

bldg-sim-unsubscribe at
bldg-rate-unsubscribe at
equest-users-unsubscribe at
hap-users-unsubscribe at
trace-users-unsubscribe at
virtual-sim-unsubscribe at
901ecb-unsubscribe at
901env-unsubscribe at
901fc-unsubscribe at
901ltg-unsubscribe at
901mech-unsubscribe at
spc140-l-unsubscribe at
tc47-l-unsubscribe at
tc28-l-unsubscribe at
ibpsausa-unsubscribe at

You can also unsubscribe on the web site.

Help, I Can't Post

90% of the time if you cannot post it is because you are
sending from a different email address than the one you
originally subscribed from. Please see "Changing Options"
below to fix this. You can even change your email address
for all of the mailing lists at once.

Changing Options

Go to the main web page

Click on the link on the left for the mailing list you want
to change your options on. At the bottom of the page for the
specific mailing list, in the field near the button
"unsubscribe or edit options" enter your email address and
press that button. The next page will ask for a password, if
you don't remember yours click on the remind button and one
will be emailed to you. From this page you can change to
digest mode or your email address or other options.


Each of the building energy simulation mailing lists have
archives of the messages posted. There is a good chance you
can find the answer you are looking for by searching the
archives. Go to

In each paragraph about the mailing list is a link to the
archives. You can search that list from that page. In
addition, you can use Google to search the entire site
across all mailing lists by going to:

Digest Mode

If you would rather receive a single email each day with all
of the messages within it, you can use Digest Mode. See the
"Changing Options" section above to turn on Digest Mode.

Links to Related Sites

If you are interested in other simulation program mailing
lists or other sites related to building energy simulation,
see the list of links at:

If you have suggestions for additional links, please send me
an email.

Subject Lines

For BLDG-SIM, if the question is about a specific simulation
program, please include the name of the simulation program
in the subject line. Also please post a question about a
specific simulation program to the appropriate mailing list
first to see if you can get an answer and post to BLDG-SIM
the next day if you have not. If you are replying to a
message in a digest, please see the section below.

Replying to a Digest

If you receive a digest, when replying to a message in the
digest, please copy the original subject line and don't
include the entire digest when replying. Just include the
original message.

I Still Need Help

Please email me with your question, I'll try to help:

jglazer at


If you have suggestions on how to improve the mailing lists,
add a mailing list, improve the web site, or
additions to this email message please send me an email.

jglazer at

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