Regarding air wall and Atrium with open to below.

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Hello Everyone,

I want to change internal wall having "standard" and "adiabatic" surface
type to "air" type or air type to standard type . When I do this in
detailed mode for adiabatic wall to air type or air type to standard type,
they do not change and standard wall changes but it gives an Bdl error.

Can anyone explain me what is reason behind this.

I am doing a project having 2 basement and G+2 floors. A part of the upper
basement is open with ground floor (means the height of the ceiling of that
part is addition of basement and ground floor. I read the archives related
to it, But basement's roof has no exterior exposure and when I did atrium
with open to below in ground floor, it removes all the wall of ground
floor's part as well as exterior wall. Again, In the archives, when
increase the height of the roof but due to basement there is no exterior
roof. What should I do in this condition.

Thanks in advance.


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