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Dear all,

Where can I find a list of publications relevant to the field of
building simulation? I'm particularly interested in refereed journals
and books.

Kind regards,

David Lindel?f, Ph.D.

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Hello David,
The link below has published papers on building simulation:

Shanta Tucker

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You can also refer the Journal of Building Performance Simulation (JBPS)
which is the official journal of the International Building Performance
Simulation Association (IBPSA).

The journal publishes original review papers and researched case studies of
international significance.

The wide scope of JBPS embraces research, technology and tool development
related to building performance modelling and simulation, as well as their
applications to design, operation and management of the built environment.

You can look up


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Hello Shanta,

Thanks for that link. I see that its parent,, also points to recommended
books and other resources. Exactly what I needed, thanks!


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Hello David,

You may be also interested in this link:


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