Question: Two pipe system with Chiller or Boiler and F.C.U

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Dear equest users,

I have following:

I have a two pipe system with Boiler or Chiller and terminal units: Fan

When I run the file, the results are showing at the winter months, Cooling
and Heating consumption.

I was expecting to see either Cooling or Heating consumption since it is a
two pipe system.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you

Konstantina Kalliakoudi

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Perhaps you can use the availability schedules for cooling and heating to
make it so it switches from heating to cooling at some point during the
year and vice versa.
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This one would likely be easier to troubleshoot if you could provide the .inp file.

How did you set up the controls on the 2-pipe loop to switch between heating and cooling?? Was there an explicit schedule or is it snapping on outdoor temperature?? If the latter there may be hours in the winter above your snap temperature flipping the loop to cooling mode.? An explicit schedule will preclude that.? The 2-pipe loop is either-or so what you describe is unusual.

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