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Hi All,
I have done one building in equest and before simulating
if gives one error as" annual schedule - loop pump was referred on
line 4509 but not de... i am not able to know what is this error
becasue of which the simulation is not running

I shall be obliged if any one of you can see and answer this problem
and i am also sending you my equest file.

Also if any one can tell when to use night controlled ventilation and
natural ventilation in air side h vac tab.

Sambhav Tiwari

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You need to send the .inp file from eQUEST as well.

Andrew Craig, EIT,LEED AP

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Hi All,

I simulated on building in equest i am getting nearly 92
hrs for each conditioned zone as unmet hrs can you tell me what could
be the reason and what should i do to solve this problem in the air
side hvac tabe there is option as supply air cfm input shall i leave
it black so the it will be auto size or i shall give the supply cfm
input there.

2 How can i rotate base case in 4 orientations in equest.

3 In the DD wizrd no 15 there is input as interior end use
contributing to space load as following

interior ambient lighting

interior task lighting

office equipment

cooking equipment

miscellaneous equipment

process load


air compressors

sir my question is that apart from ambient lighting and equipment
which other interior end use should i take if my project is a office
and a retail.

4 When applying the heat recovery wheel in parametric run one option
comes there as (recovery-exaust---- yes/no?) does the meaning of
taking it yes is that we are taking the exaust recovery wheel?


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If was taking a dxf file to equest custum building footprint
i hace 2 quearies

1 my cad unit is in mm but in equest there is no option of(1 cad
unit=1mm ) only cm ,feets , inchs and meters options are there then
what should i do

2 the point is not snaping to the dxf vertices how to snap it exactly
to vertices


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I modeled on building in visualdoe ans equest just to see the
annual energy comparasion in both tools

What i seen was the same building with same parameters i have given
for u value LPD, EPD,Schedules ,construction, building
orientation,glass type,windo wall ratio ,HVAC system type,cfm/person
,means every thing same from a to z but still a great difference is
coming in annual energy consumption as

Visual doe




I checked out every thing again but didnt found any mismatch in input
for both tools in input but still this difference is coming can you
suggest some solution


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Visual DOE is in DOE-2.1E format. eQuest 3.63B is in DOE-2.2. Build ???. DIFFERENT program basis. I would the DOE2.com participants can answer this question better.

John Aulbach

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Hi All,
I modeled one 2 floor building in equest taking
packaged multi zone system but in the annual energy consumption it is
showing energy consumption in pump/aux also which is surprising boz
packaged multizone system is not having any water side HVAC only air
size HVAC hence pump energy consumption should be zero. but still it
is showing abt 6500kwh consumption in pump can you suggest the

Also should i leave light off and equipment and miscellaneous and
DHW profiles as it is in the wizard mode or edit there, bcoz in
detailed edit mode i will define my all of these mentioned schedules .


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Mr John,

Dear Sir,
In the water side HVAC tab of equest there is one
option of create photovolatic module what is the use of that related
to any project .


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Mr John.

Dear SIr,
I got your point what i did was i created one more
file of the original file .The original file was have the system
packaged multizone and in the copy of that file i changed the system
to VAV with 2 (air+water cooled chiller) and now in the new file i
will apply the other parametric runs like u value of construction and
better glazing and others etc. And then i will compare the proposed
case in my new file which i got by appliying paremetric run with my
earlier file . now earlier file wiil be the base case for me . Is this
the way to go sir.

And sir in base case we have to run the building in 4 orientations is
there some option to do it in equest.


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Hi ,
I am working on a building for energy modelling using
equest now just able to finish the dxf files .I had some queries
before proceeding with equest

1: When my 3d model is created in equest can equest tell what is
north east west south and overall window wall ratio of the building?
if y where?

2: Can equest show what is overall conditioned area of building if yes
where it shows?

3: How to get the base case in such a manner that it is average of
four orientations in equest

4: when i am drawing the interior zones of the dxf in the equest then
when i have to go in next shell (floor) and import the next floor at
the time it merges the floor with the previeous one so that there is
difficuilty in drawing internal zones is there any option so that we
can switch off the previous floor dxf so that we dont have any problem
in drawing the current dxf zones.

I look forward for your valuable response


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Hi Sambhav,

I'm copying your email to the eQuest-Users mailing list, where I would
advise posting future eQuest-specific queries for more timely support.

1. The answer is yes. The "where" to your question depends on more
specifically what you're asking to learn. If you are trying to define
percentage of windows for each face from the beginning, in a simple
fashion, that can be done in the same set of wizard screens where you've
imported and traced your building dxf outline/zones (#6 more precisely).
If you are trying to determine the actual percentage glazing after doing
a custom window/door placement from the same wizard screen #6, you can
find this by:
a. Running a calculation
b. Click 'Tools' --> 'View Simulation Output...'
c. Scroll to the last page of the LV-D report (Details of
Exterior Surfaces) and divide the appropriate sum (overall or by
specific orientation) for "WINDOW AREA" into the corresponding sum for

2. In the second wizard screen, where you define your custom
footprint/zoning, you can subsequently click the "Zone characteristics"
button, where you can initially define simply which zone are
conditioned/unconditioned. The floor plan displayed on that screen has
text which will dynamically tell you the percentage conditioned vs.
unconditioned as you toggle various zones between the two. I think this
is the easiest way to do this in eQuest, though personally I think I
would be more inclined to use the "area" function in AutoCAD if you've
got your DXF file prepared.

3. If you're referring to a 90.1 baseline design for something like
LEED, this is most easily accomplished at the very end of your inputs by
defining the 3 additional orientations as new azimuths (90, 180,270) for
parametric runs. For a more detailed explanation I'd encourage you to
first examine (and bookmark) the equest-users archives:

4. Yes. In the zone/perimeter definition screens, where you lay out the
verticies, there is a box on the left hand side labeled "Background:."
Select " -none- " from that dropdown box.

Good luck and best wishes on your energy modeling, Sambhav!


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