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Dear All,

I am trying to model PV Collecotrs on top of a roof by using the
instructions in DOE dictionary document. But I get some warnings during
the creation of PV Modules and Electric Generation. The Warning is:"Unable
to locate default data for Command=70, Type=4, Keyword=4366" anyone has a
warning like that before?

Have a sunny day

?mit Esiyok

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I had the same thing happen to me yesterday (which was the first time I tried doing an electric generator). I actually had to use the Windows Task Manager to close eQUEST because the warning window kept opening again every time I closed it. I eventually stopped getting the warnings after I filled in all the blank fields in the "Basic Specifications" and "PV Array" tabs (including the "Operating Limits/Conditions" tab under the PV Array tab).

A good resource for filling in these fields is the SMA website:
They also have a string sizing program:

Xantrex and SatCon are also good resources, especially for larger systems.


William Bishop, EIT, LEED? AP

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after I sent this e-mail I tried the same thing to fill all blank areas
and now working. I thank you very much about the link and wish you a nice

?mit Esiyok

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Short answer: don't worry - that message has no affect on your model or
simulation results.

Long answer:
The error message "Unable to locate default data for Command=..." is
posted by the user interface, not DOE-2, and is reporting the lack of
information the user interface is looking for in order to know how to
display certain required inputs that it needs to collect from the user,
such as descriptive labels for inputs and decimal precision of numeric
values. After posting this error message, the interface continues on to
collect the required inputs using the DOE-2 keyword names and input
labels and default decimal precision settings, so that in the end the
required data IS collected and the occurrence of the user interface
error does not affect the building model itself.

- Scott

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