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This isn't intended to discourage any questions or discussions, but the following bears repeating every so often for everyone's benefit, and especially our newest members =).

All discussions across the mailing lists are archived on the website. In turn, every user of eQuest should have the following important resources bookmarked/favorite-d in their browser of choice!

Oftentimes when you have a question specific to eQuest or of a more general nature, others have already asked and answered the same query (or at least shared what's known of something unanswerable). Posting thoughtful questions to the list is always encouraged, but you may find supplementary information and even an immediate/ thorough response by checking the archives first ;). These links allow for searching the [bldg-sim] and [equest-users] archives, respectively.

On a related note:

My own understanding is limited, but limitations with the webhost mean the archives are missing HTML formatting, imbedded screenshots, illustrations and occasionally attachments. In my experience, you can often find links at the bottom of an archived message for images/attachments. This isn't totally intuitive, but it's good to know about.

Example: Right-clicking the two indicated links and saving the target will download the attached ".inp" and ".pd2" files.
[cid:image002.png at 01CEC374.08098F70]

That said, on the occasion anyone should need a specific thread from the archives re-posted in its original format, a number of us keep personal records inclusive of the original formatting - just identify and make a request of which thread you're looking for to the appropriate list, and oftentimes a friendly stranger can respond with a copy of the original ;).



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