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Anyone had success exporting a Vasari project into eQuest? I'm told that it can be done, but have yet to figure out how...

Thanks for any help.

Kristin Gustafson EIT, LEED

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I think this would be done by exporting gbxml and uploading the file to green building studio. Similar process to using revit.

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It can be done. You have to construct the model as you would in eQuest I've
attached images. The images show progress. I even attached Ecotect.



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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the images.

I was wondering if you could elaborate on the process. Was there much
cleaning up to do when you brought it into eQUEST? I've never done it
before and was hoping to get some pointers before I try it.

The "Vasari to eQUEST" shows the curtain wall in the front with only one
panel as glazing. Did it read the file as that, then you have to go through
and update surface types? Then, I am assuming, you need to create the
entire systems portion within eQUEST.


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