OpenStudio v1.0 now available

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OpenStudio v 1.0 was recently released by DOE. OpenStudio (formerly
known as the Energy Design Plugin) is a free plugin for Google's
SketchUp 3D drawing program. The plugin makes it easy to create and edit
the building geometry in EnergyPlus input files and to run simulations
directly within SketchUp. OpenStudio was created by the National
Renewable Energy Laboratory for DOE and can be downloaded free at .

OpenStudio provides users with access to all the standard SketchUp tools
and capabilities while creating and editing EnergyPlus input files.
Users can add as much extra detail as needed to zones and surfaces, view
the building geometry from any vantage point, apply different rendering
styles, and perform accurate shadowing studies. Users also can mix
EnergyPlus simulation content with decorative content such as background
images, landscaping, people, and architectural finish details-all within
the same SketchUp model.

EnergyPlus Version 3.0, released in November, is available for Windows,
Linux, and Macintosh operating systems, and includes several new
features such as new datasets, input syntax changes, updated zone and
ventilation controls and models, enhanced cost calculations and economic
reporting, and extended documentation and guides.

The OpenStudio plugin is compatible with both the Free and the Pro
versions of Google SketchUp 6 & 7 for Windows. A version for Mac OS X is
currently in development. OpenStudio will have full access to all of the
plugin functionality once both EnergyPlus and SketchUp are installed on
your computer.

More information, along with a form to register for a free download of
the OpenStudio plugin and EnergyPlus, is available at

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