Online webinar on equest for fresh users or initiaters

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Hi eQUEST users,

I'm sharad.kumar as a freelancer in India.
I have repeatedly has been busy on equest users from some years.
I want to input something over here that a webinar can be held by me on
28th Feb(Sat) and 1st March (Sun) IST 5:30 to 7:30 on Go To Meeting on this

The purpose here required is to one all interested should drop the purpose
in the email-id sharadcapricious at telling their-

1. Job post
2. Company name.
3. Years of experience.
3. For students only the college and university name.

You firstly are required to senden your email-id with above things on the
email-id sharadcapricious at

Firstly after this input we can go for the higher version of eQUEST study
which shall be told on later days with more inputs.

The course provides:

1. Basic eQUEST inititaters introduction.
2. The various basic and eQUEST detailed study.
3, The basic study of various HVAC, and details in eQUEST.
4, As per attendees interest some more details.

The purpose that i am required is to have the attendees list.
If the list goes higher above 250 than i shall have to short the list out
as per the suitable criteria on or before days to be held by us.

The fee that is required by us is as for basic course study *150 USD* in
one schedule or on one day.

If you agree with the fee and course then kindly drop the email.

The first shortlist is on 28th Feb which will be directed to your email and
the second list will be cleared on or before 1st March onto your email-id.

With this we can go on another schedule later on for the detailed and more
explained version of eQUEST study and heating and cooling load studies
which shall be discussed later on.

The Bank and account details shall be shared later after shortlisting the

The payment shall be started by Friday morning most rigorously with Bank
account details.

Hope to have a best of luck to all of you for the joining attendees with
great thanks.The meeting shall be held on Go To meeting on your machine and
be ready with headphones with mic and we shall be joining at the perfect
time be ready for this.

Hope to listen more from you.

*Thanks and regards,*
sharadcapricious at

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