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Hello All,

I have been working with eQuest for the past year on a few projects and there have been a few questions I have regarding how the program operates in some respects. My current project is the design of a live in Green Energy test bed that will be built at the university I attend. My questions are as follows:

1. When creating the building shell, are there ways for defining the inner walls of the home? Is this necessary if the house will only have one or two zones?

2. The HVAC system that I will be used for this house will be a geothermal heat pump. Have any of you manipulated eQuest to model a forced air, water-to-refrigerant geothermal system for heating and cooling? If so, were any of the available options for HVAC systems in eQuest applicable for geothermal?

3.When the HVAC system has been defined in eQuest, does it take into account the electrical loads that are required to run the equipment or do the loads things like compressors, pumps, and fans need to be added as miscellaneous electrical loads?

4. I am currently using the Detailed Design Wizard to create the initial specs for the house. For the cooking and miscellaneous loads and profiles screen it asks for the sensible heat. What units does it expect for this input (frac)? How would one know what the sensible heat output is for their range for example?

Thanks for your help!

Stephen Parker

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