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Good afternoon, Im trying to find out the following maybe you guys can help me out here. I?m currently modeling a facility of a total of 47,600 SF including a 28,000 SF Warehouse. The facility includes 2 levels of offices, breakrooms, etc and a double height warehouse adjacent to them. The proposed design is composed of 2 AHUs, one for the first floor, one for the second and an only heating and ventilation system based on 2 boilers for the warehouse. According to this, the baseline should be a System 5 Packaged VAV with Reheat, Packaged rooftop VAV with reheat, Direct expansion cooling type and Hot-water fossil fuel boiler for heating. One system per floor. FYI, we tried the whole addenda ?dn? thing but it did not work because the allowance of fan power for the warehouse area was extremely low, so we kept the normal compliance path. However, when this is the case, we would have to model the baseline and proposed warehouse with both heating and cooling. (specified on Table G3.1) same system 5; but my question would be in terms of envelope. Would they have to be classified as regular non-residential R values for the proposed? Shouldn?t both baseline and proposed warehouse have the same u- values as well? Should they be classified as semiheated envelope values, since in reality this is a warehouse and the owner/architect are not really counting on putting insulation in this area? I would appreciate your suggestions and interpretation. [image: Inline image 1]
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