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Dear all,

can someone please advise how to prevent the software from doing cooling in
winter season

Many thx in advance

Elie Ayoub

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Cooling in winter may be necessary depending on the design of your
building, its use, and its mechanical systems.


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Change the model location to Hawaii?


To answer your question more specifically, you'll need to provide the list an understanding of what kind of systems you are modeling, and explain what real-world circumstances you mean to emulate to prevent cooling operations from occurring (what equipment/when/per what conditions/tstat settings/etc...).

Per Dio's response, cooling may or may not be appropriate behavior to observe, depending on circumstances. If you are unsure on that front, again, you'll need to provide details of climate/construction/loads/building size/usage to help others evaluate and provide feedback - it would help to specify if that's the feedback you're looking for.

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A well insulated office building with good air tightness and full of people and office equipment will likely need cooling in winter.

Sort of the same way I sweat my behind off in -10 degree weather while shoveling snow, wearing gloves, hat, snow pants, 2 coats and burning a lot of calories.... after 20 minutes I start to overheat. Building can't dress in layers, so they have to run the A/C to stay cool.

If you are wondering why the energy model would run a condensing unit or chiller instead of using an economizer (bringing in cold outside air) that is another question. I don't know if that is what you are asking. (If that is your question, I don't know the answer.)

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I am wondering if the Forum misunderstood what you have asked for. My interpretation is to how to shut down the cooling equipment in the Winter.
Attached is an example (which?I believe works) in seasonally shutting off chillers. See if this solves your query.
John R.. Aulbach, PE

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