NEXT Week // Big Data Parametric Analysis for Cost vs. Energy Optimization

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Live Webinar

Big Data Parametric Analysis

Cost vs. Energy Optimization


This webinar will show you how to perform big data parametric analysis with web based COVE.TOOl, a decision-making software that helps architects, engineers, owners and contractors to optimize building options for first cost and life cycle cost. To meet a certain building energy target (LEED/ASHRAE), one doesn't need to select the best performing HVAC system with the highest R-value wall and the best U-value glass. We can get away with less! cove.tool allows you to quickly analyze every possible option to pick the one that makes most sense for cost and energy to get the most bang for the buck.

About the Presenter
Sandeep Ahuja, co-founder of cost and energy optimization software cove.tool, and CEO at Pattern r+d brings her experience on working with university facilities, hospitality, healthcare and corporate. She is pioneering the integration of energy analysis into the design and construction process. She recently won the Atlanta 30 under 30 award for developing cove.tool, a unique methodology to optimize for cost in sustainable buildings. As a building performance specialist, Sandeep helps inform building decisions as they relate to cost and performance.



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