New Simulation Climate Data for Europe Available from Climate.OneBuilding.Org

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announce the availability of new climate data (TMYx) for more than 1,900
locations for the following 25 countries in Europe:

? Aland Islands, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands,
Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein,
Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia,
Spain, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Switzerland

TMYx are typical meteorological year data derived from hourly weather data
through 2017 in the ISD (US NOAA's Integrated Surface Database) using the
TMY2/ISO 15927-4:2005 methodologies. There may be two TMYxs for a location,
e.g., Luxembourg AP, Luxembourg: LUX_LU_Luxembourg.AP.065900_TMYx.epw and
LUX_LU_Luxembourg.AP.065900_TMYx.2003-2017.epw. In these cases, there's a
TMY for the entire period of record and a second TMY for the most recent 15
years (2003-2017). *Not all locations have recent data*.

Adding these data to the earlier (April/October/November 2018 and February
2019) sets for the Americas, Africa, Asia, SW Pacific, and Antarctica, now provides
climate TMYx data at no cost for more than 9,850 locations and another
3,200 from other data sources worldwide. This TMYx data set completes all
worldwide locations except for the USA and Canada ? which are next! All
data have been through extensive quality checking to identify and correct
data errors and out of normal range values where appropriate.

Each climate location .zip contains: EPW (EnergyPlus weather format), CLM
(ESP-r weather format), and WEA (Daysim weather format) along with DDY
(ASHRAE design conditions in EnergyPlus format), RAIN (hourly precipitation
in mm, where available), and STAT (expanded EnergyPlus weather statistics).

For more information or to download any of the weather data (no cost), go

Climate files by country in this update:

? Aland Islands, 8 locations, 15 climate files

? Austria, 117 locations, 223 climate files

? Belgium, 34 locations, 63 climate files

? Denmark, 77 locations, 133 climate files

? Estonia, 23 locations, 46 climate files

? Faroe Islands, 5 locations, 10 climate files

? Finland, 167 locations, 325 climate files

? France, 212 locations, 393 climate files

? Germany, 264 locations, 338 climate files

? Gibraltar, 1 location, 2 climate files

? Hungary, 38 locations, 71 climate files

? Italy, 130 locations, 238 climate files

? Latvia, 24 locations, 48 climate files

? Liechtenstein, 1 location, 2 climate files

? Lithuania, 15 locations, 25 climate files

? Luxembourg, 4 locations, 5 climate files

? Malta, 1 location, 2 climate files

? Netherlands, 43 locations, 79 climate files

? Norway, 275 locations, 520 climate files

? Portugal, 34 locations, 66 climate files

? Slovakia, 26 locations, 52 climate files

? Spain, 84 locations, 145 climate files

? Svalbard and Jan Mayen, 14 locations, 26 climate files

? Sweden, 258 locations, 472 climate files

? Switzerland, 111 locations, 221 climate files

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