Modeling a Solid Desiccant after a DX Coil

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I would like to model a Solid Desicant not as a preconditioner but to
simulate the following:

1. Precool outside air with a DX coil to a saturated condition,

2. Run that saturated air through the Solid Desiccant (therefore
running the Desicant at its most efficient point starting from a
saturated condition), and

3. Finally mixing that air with return air and then running that
through a Cooling Coil served by a Chiller before supplying to the


Ian Doebber

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I haven't tried this but I think if you put the desiccant & chilled
water coil on your main, return air system and then used the OA-FROM-SYS
keyword to take air from a 100% OA system with a DX coil -- might best
model your system. The challenge is controlling the DX OA system --
perhaps to a fixed SAT setpoint -- there is no wetbulb control in
DOE-2.2 that I know of.

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