Modeling Semi-Heated zone per ASHRAE 90.1 APPENDIX G

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Hi Energy Modeling Family,

I have received a LEED review comment indicating Semi-heatedzones should be modeled identically in the baseline and proposed models. Thisis a warehouse with over 1 million square feet of semi-heated space. I havenever been aware of this recommendation. Is this comment based on ASHRAE90.1-2007?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the comment:

?Table 1.4.6 indicates thatthe warehouse space is considered as semi-heated space, since the outputheating capacity for the warehouse in this project (10,058 MBH/1,063,827 squarefeet) does not meet the heated space criteria (10 Btu/hr-square foot forclimate zone 3) per Table 3.1. For semi-heated spaces, the heating equipment (H&V unit) must bemodeled identically in the Baseline and Proposed models between each modelusing the actual equipment capacities and e?ciencies (i.e. supply fan power,heating e?ciency, and temperature set-points) from the actual design. Ifthe building envelope in the Proposed model is improved relative to theBaseline model, the supply fan volume and heating capacity can be autosized inthe Baseline model using the same temperature set?? points from the Proposed model. Revise theProposed and Baseline models so the HVAC equipment capacities and e?ciencies(heating type, supply fan power, heating e?ciency, and set point temperatures)in the warehouse space are modeled identically in each case re?ecting theactual HVAC system parameters. In addition, update Table 1.4.7A and Table1.4.7B, and provide revised SV-A reports for each model re?ecting the changes.??



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